Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trying Out My Bargaining Skills

Update:  We have the new apartment, and we move by August 31.  This is all settled, we've signed the lease, we've given our notice, we've started packing.

Now I have to figure out my work situation at my "local coffee shop".  It'll still be downtown after I move to the mountain, which means I won't be able to walk to work.  I'll have to take the bus, which will cost more.  Conclusion:  If they want me to stay at that particular "local coffee shop", they will have to pay me more to cover the extra cost.  If not, I'll get a transfer to another one.

I should probably do this through a letter, because words get twisted into a bizarre game of Telephone at my work.  It would probably be received as "Oh, Heather's asking to be paid more money to leave us for another job".  Completely, utterly twisted.

Like the day I killed the cockroach and wasn't feeling well and therefore left early with the permission of my supervisor.  I arrived the next day and the morning baker said she was surprised that I was there.  The night supervisor told her that I wouldn't be coming to work because I'd had a huge fight with my afternoon supervisor.

Right.  Because that's exactly how it (didn't) happen.  And the whole end-of-June mystery that was floating around?  Our manager just changed shifts three days a week, leaving the bad manager working in the mornings.  It really is more disturbing than it sounds.  I have no respect for the bad manager.

I haven't been knitting.  It's been too hot and my hands get too sweaty and then my project starts felting.  Not ideal.

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