Monday, December 28, 2009

Scratch That

Perhaps I (we) was a bit too hasty. Needless to say, we're staying in Hamilton and will both continue to job-search daily. I still have my "local coffee shop" job, and we still have the apartment. I'm not going to get into details about the circumstances, but when a company hires an inventory control assistant, the new employee doesn't expect to be swabbing out toilets.

I finished almost all my Christmas knitting. I didn't finish the socks for my mom. I've set a goal for this next Sunday ('cause I'm guaranteed to see her then). In the meantime, I've started a couple things:

Fair Isle Tam

I've never done fair isle before and I'm falling dangerously for it. I call this a stash-busting project, but I bought the yarn with this pattern in mind, so ....

February Lady Sweater

This actually is stash-busting. It's solely coincidence that I got 13 balls of nice yarn for $20. (3 balls Bernat Cashmere, 10 balls Sirdar Peru Naturals, remember?)

I haven't finished the second striped scarf for my friend yet, because I'd like to know if it's going to be another waste of my time. (Regarding the other scarf, my "friend" wants it again. I haven't yet told her that it's for sale and she can have it for $20.)

I've also done a few quick projects in the last week. A couple of Simple Purses (one cranberry, one raspberry), and a cowl and wristwarmers for the Secret Santa at work.

There are projects I'd like to start, but I'll finish up what I have now first (yeah, right).

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We moved to Hamilton from Brampton over seven months ago. I pulled up tons of roots because I'd lived in Brampton for over 22 years. Now we'll see how many roots I've put down in Hamilton.

That's right. Someone got a job. But it wasn't me.

My dad got a job with a company in Guelph. Since the commute is about an hour, we figure we ought to move there. Guelph is nice. My mom isn't happy, but things have a way of working out.

That scarf I made for a friend? Well, long story short, I had to work instead of going to her birthday party, so she's "furious" with me and refused to accept it. It's currently for sale on my Facebook group, "Knarly Knitting".

I also finished the sweater for my sister. The sleeves are a touch too tight where I sewed them to the body, and the hood is a little lopsided, but it's not bad.

Now I'm working on a pair of Honeycomb mittens and a Snowboarder's Hat. And my mom's socks. I'm past the heel, which was my first short-row heel. Might be too deep, but I'm sure it'll stretch.
I finished a drop-stitch scarf last night with some Silk Garden that I absolutely needed. (Insert sarcasm here.)

Which brings me to my resolution: No buying yarn until I catch up on my UFOs. This isn't a New Year's one, just a general, I-have-too-much-yarn one. Besides, I don't want to move more than one large container of yarn. (Aside: As stashes go, mine's small but it still bothers me.)