Thursday, July 28, 2011


 So, my dad and I were driving to Dundas on Tuesday to look at a record store.  Across the street is this little craft shop called Angela's.  Not a lot of yarn there, but I like to look anyways.

I went in and starting looking at their yarn.  I got to the back corner and saw some roving.  They've never had roving before!  Apparently they found it all in the back.  So I bought up most of the green roving (it's this beautiful irish green) and I plan to spin and knit a sweater.

I want to go back for the deep red I saw, too.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Used Car Buying Tips

1.  Always test drive the car before buying it - with the seller!  That way, you can put it through its paces and if the seller doesn't like it, then the deal's off.

2.  Until recently, this wouldn't have occurred to me.  Always check the mileage and make sure it's in kilometres (if, like me, you're buying one in Canada).  Ask me how I know.

3.  When checking out the car (oh yeah, always look at it first) bring a rubber mallet and make sure the body's stable.  People are really good at making crappy cars look nice.

I'll be adding to this list as I go.  Excuse me, though, I have to work on the car I just bought ....

Monday, July 18, 2011


Everything seems to hinge on what happens tomorrow.  If I don't get a call by 5pm from Friday's interviewers, then I haven't got the job.

If I don't get the job, not much changes.  We'll just have to wait a little longer to buy a used car.  We sold the Pink Panther this morning.  She would take too much money to fix again, more than what we bought her for two years ago!

If I do get the job, hey!  The sky's the limit, right?  New car, previously-owned/leased car, anything we want.

But we have to wait for tomorrow.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Like It Better This Way

So, remember back in ... May (?) when I posted about moving?  Well, being the people we are (lazy) and under the circumstances, we decided not to move right away.  For two reasons.

First, our trump card was removed.  We were going to get out of our contract because the heat was turned off sooner than the by-law states.  Well, after filling out the application for the apartment, the heat was turned on again.

Because of this, we didn't have a reason to break our contract.  So, we sent in notice that we are moving out at the end of the contract, August 31.

And today, we were told that we get the apartment we applied for two days ago.  This one isn't the same one from two months ago, but it is on the same street.  I like this one much better.

This is my attempt to draw the layout on Paint.  Also, I didn't include the balcony, which is at least twice the width of a normal balcony and the length of the living room + dining room.

Also, my bedroom is much bigger.  And it has a walk-in type closet.  But the window is tiny.  (That's why Dad gets the smaller room.  The window is big enough for an air conditioner, which everyone knows I don't need.)

So, in 48 days (or fewer, depending on whether we move the weekend prior to the 31st) we shall be free of this apartment building with its superintendents that got the job because they couldn't pay their rent.

Oh, yeah, and I have a job interview tomorrow morning.

Monday, July 11, 2011


So, I bought an electronic media device, and I want to make my own case for it.  As usual, I can't find a knitted one that I like, so I'm making it up with some help from my boyfriend.  (He comes up with these awesome ideas, ways to build stuff that I wouldn't have thought of.  Therefore, he's awesome.)

His idea:  Due to a need for more stability than knitting alone can provide, he proposed using cardboard and knitting around it.

Awesome!  (That word shall be used in abundance today.)  So, while cleaning and packing my room today, I came across the perfect-sized piece of cardboard.  Nice!  (I mean, awesome!)

I can use up extras for the knitting part, which I'll probably knit a touch looser and larger so I can slightly full it.

Now, to keep the device securely inside this cover, I plan (or rather, he suggested) to knit triangular corner holders.  And I (this really is my idea) plan to sew a zipper to enclose the whole thing!

I'll keep updating ... and stealing ideas from my boyfriend.