Monday, July 11, 2011


So, I bought an electronic media device, and I want to make my own case for it.  As usual, I can't find a knitted one that I like, so I'm making it up with some help from my boyfriend.  (He comes up with these awesome ideas, ways to build stuff that I wouldn't have thought of.  Therefore, he's awesome.)

His idea:  Due to a need for more stability than knitting alone can provide, he proposed using cardboard and knitting around it.

Awesome!  (That word shall be used in abundance today.)  So, while cleaning and packing my room today, I came across the perfect-sized piece of cardboard.  Nice!  (I mean, awesome!)

I can use up extras for the knitting part, which I'll probably knit a touch looser and larger so I can slightly full it.

Now, to keep the device securely inside this cover, I plan (or rather, he suggested) to knit triangular corner holders.  And I (this really is my idea) plan to sew a zipper to enclose the whole thing!

I'll keep updating ... and stealing ideas from my boyfriend.

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