Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Everywhere.  I hate the last week before a move.  Everything's everywhere, yet so completely inaccessible that it gets really frustrating.  Saturday will not be here soon enough.

Friday's my last day at my "local coffee shop".  I haven't told a lot of people, and I don't want them all to know.  Just the ones I know I'll miss the most.

I got a new computer.  I bought the individual parts and my boyfriend put the thing together.  My laptop's hard drive had 35 gigabytes available on it.  The new desktop:  700 gigabytes.  No wonder nothing worked properly!

And I'm still knitting away on the red shawl I started.  I'm on the last chart of the pattern (Travelling Woman).

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Last Wednesday I gave my (more than) two weeks notice.  I was going to do it on the Friday, but my hand was forced by a little detail called a release form (or transfer form.  Not quite sure which) that I need to apply to another "local coffee shop".

I was convinced that they would tell me to leave right away.

I addressed the letter to my "local coffee shop" owner, but the bad manager opened it anyway and then had the nerve to discuss it in front of 5 other employees.  You can bet I called him out on both those things.  I also stressed confidentiality.  I will determine when I want the rest of the "local coffee shop" to know that I'm leaving.

I got a call yesterday for an interview for Thursday at 3pm.  I can't wait!  I haven't had an interview since early February.

Also, this piece of junk machine that I insist upon using to write this blog has its days numbered.  My laptop sucks, plain and simple.  So ... I'm getting a desktop instead!  Maybe then my web browser won't crash every ten minutes.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Just Can't Seem To Stop

Here's what I was knitting during my last post:

And now I've started knitting something else:

You'd never think that I packed all my yarn, eh?  Okay, I did unpack these two skeins.  I'll admit it.  But I knew exactly what box they were in!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pros And Cons

Storefront versus baking.  Pros:  Tips, I get sent home if there are enough people, and it doesn't take a lot to replace me if I'm sick.  Cons:  I have to serve people.

I don't like it, but they won't know it.  I refuse to quit.  I won't do anything that'll get me written up, because it'll only take a few of those before I'm fired.  I really wish, though, that my bad manager would post the next week's schedule on Fridays instead of Saturdays.  I had to call in to find out when my next shift was, and my good manager told me Monday at 8am.  Fine, it's not a statutory holiday, so whatever.

I got up today at 6:30am, got ready for work, and was there 10 minutes early.  I happened to glance at the schedule as I walked into the back ... my Monday shift was blank.  My good manager made a mistake, but she's still denying it.  One of the supervisors actually wanted me to stay so she could go home.  It wasn't going to happen.  I got out of there so fast it must've looked like I was being chased.

Enough of work.  I hate it.

I'm currently knitting a shawl out of some sock yarn I got on sale a few months ago.  I'll have to take some pictures of it.