Friday, April 30, 2010


I want a new job. On Monday I was ready to back-door it the whole day. The morning baker pisses me off, the job itself pisses me off, and the uncleanliness/lack of space/bad management pisses me off.

I'm good now. I'll be able to work there for another couple of months before I need to rant again.

I was commissioned to knit four little bunnies for a lady I used to work with. It took forever because I'm a selfish knitter. I finally finished them three days before my two-week deadline. She loved them and that's what really counts. But from now on, I'm only knitting things I want to knit.

Like a shawl, and a summer tank top for me.

I still haven't taken a picture of that green sweater I finished almost a month ago. Maybe I'll do that tonight.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Nothing Exciting Happens Anymore

Except maybe a trip downtown Toronto with my friend from band! We had our yarn crawl. We hit six LYS and I favourited three of them. The ultimate, though, had to be Romni Wools. Holy mackerel. Yarn packed to the rafters. I'm still recovering and it's been a week!

I've had a few FOs in the last couple of weeks, too. There's that lacy blue scarf:

A reversible cable scarf (Palindrome):

A Yoshi dishcloth:

A Calorimetry headband:

And also that green sweater I couldn't finish back in March. I finally got more yarn for it. I should really take a picture of it.