Friday, January 1, 2016

Random Goals

I'm putting a couple other goals in a separate post, just some things I'd thought about doing for a few years but never got around to doing.

1.  Delete photos from computer:  I keep all my pics.  Even the blurry ones.  Why?  Dunno, really.  But every month I think I'll work on 20 folders (they're done by date) and get rid of the excess.

2.  Catalog tea:  We have a nice collection of tea.  Ok, too much tea.  Mostly loose-leaf, and some of it getting older.  So I want to go through it, get an idea of what we have, throw out anything too old, and clean that basket up a bit!  (Yeah, only a basket.)

3.  Get rid of almost-finished/needs fixing bag:  I have a bag of knit projects that either need to be blocked, fixed, ends woven in, etc.  I no longer consider a project finished if it isn't blocked/ends woven in, but these are from before that.

4.  Catalog inks:  Got a lot of those, too, and it would be nice to know what we have without looking through them all.

5.  Clean up filing:  Shred the old income tax papers and other things that have been piling up.

6.  Put away needles:  Uh, yeah, gotta get on that.  I have a plastic container where I put all my now-empty circulars, but they actually belong in a receipt folder (one of the plastic ones from Walmart).  I need to 'file' them away properly.

7.  Obviously, pare down the WIPs.

No timelines here.  I'm not that insane.  Let's see what I can do this year.

December Update

Current WIPs (new ones are bolded):


Rosemary Cardigan, Cascade 220 Heather
Hooded Baby Skyrim Sweater, Patons Roving
Quivira Coat, Patons Classic Merino Wool
Easy Top-down Raglan, Noro Kureyon and Patons North America Ballybrae


Orchid Thief, Classic Elite Yarns Alpaca Sox
(will be frogged)
Dancing Bees MKAL, Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace

Hands and Feet:

Toe-up Socks, Zauberball (on a 9-inch circular)
2aat Toe-up Socks, Lorna's Laces
Cuff-down Vanilla Socks, Patons Kroy Sock Yarn
Toast, Unknown Acrylic
Toast, Unknown Acrylic
Accidental Girly Mitts, Debbie Bliss Merino DK


Snowflake Blanket, Red Heart Comfort Solids
Fuss Free Baby Blanket, Red Heart Eco-Ways & Bernat Cashmere Natural Blends (started September - oops!)


Tentaculum, Marks and Kattens Fame Trend (will be frogged ... when it stops hiding)
Dudester Scarf, Loops & Threads Charisma
One-ball Warmers (Leaf Scarf), Fiddlesticks Knitting Silk Sensations (started August)


Tyson Hat, Classic Elite Yarns Liberty Wool
Easy Ombre Slouch Hat, Patons North America Astra (Solids)


Parlour Cat, Caron Simply Soft (still deciding whether I even want to knit this ... )

I didn't do a lot of knitting (or anything else) this month, so no goals reached.  I'm moving the armwarmers to next Christmas because stress is a killer (and who needs that, eh?).

December Goals:  Tyson Hat to completion.

So, new year, huh?  I have no resolutions.  None.  But I'll still do monthly goals, they actually kinda work for me.

December Goal completed, albeit three days before the 'deadline'.

January Goals:  Make sure all WIPs are in Ravelry and here.  Finish the Leaf Scarf and one sock (notice I didn't specify 'pair').  Also, decide what to do with Parlour Cat project.