Thursday, July 1, 2010

Maybe I Did It On Purpose

I started packing a couple days before we knew we had the apartment.  I'm impatient like that.  So's my dad.

I looked up "packing" on Google and apparently one can get super-anal about it.  I've chosen to put labels on my boxes based on which room they go in.  For example, kitchen = K, living room = L, my room = H, and so on.  Then each box is labeled further with a number (H1, K4) depending on how many boxes there will be.  And in a notebook I can write what is in H1 (bernat cottontots, Anne of Green Gables books) and not have to write the entire contents on the box itself.

Which brings me to my next idea.  I packed all of my yarn that isn't on any needles.  This will force me to knit my WIPs and not start anything new.  Of course, since I wrote down which yarn is where, I can find it if I need it.

Back to work.  Yesterday was Wednesday, and one of the managers from the other store was working with us because our one good manager is on vacation and the other bad manager is "sick".  This replacement manager decided, since my name was on the health inspection sheet (someone had to sign the darn thing) that I had been the one to call in the complaint.  I had to explain to him that no one else would sign it and there was no manager or supervisor around.  He still thinks I phoned it in.  I won't admit to him that I did, unless they get solid evidence.

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