Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I showed up to work at my usual time, punched in and started writing down the count (amount of product on the shelves at the time).  I finished that, and started writing down what I'd need to bake first.

Then my bad manager told me that I was going to be trained on storefront.  I'm no longer a baker.

Well, I was pissed!  I asked him why, after almost a year, this is being addressed now?  Why not tell me these things when I first started baking?

I lasted a half hour, then asked to go home.  I wasn't feeling well at all.

I won't quit because that's what they want.  They don't want me there because I follow store policy.  Whatever.  If they really want me gone, they can fire me with no reason, but I'll take it to the labour board.

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