Saturday, July 17, 2010

They're Actually Doing It

My "local coffee shop" is getting a new freezer.  How unbelievable is that?!  Of course, it won't arrive for three or four weeks, so, as I told my bad manager, we'll still be poisoning people for another month yet.

Oh, the bad manager.  Someone's come down real hard on him.  He's actually making an effort, getting stricter, telling the supervisors that they have to issue 10 write-ups every month.  They started cracking down immediately.  I saw two people written up within minutes of each other.  One of my co-workers came back to the kitchen and said (just to me) that if she ever gets written up, she'll walk out.

Made sense to me.  She doesn't have to work for a living yet.

Half an hour later, she gets written up.

Ten minutes after that, my supervisor goes outside for her break and my co-worker comes out of the washroom with her own clothing on and gives me a hug.  Then she left her uniform on the front counter and walked out.

I have to give her kudos for sticking to her guns.  Not that I would have said anything if she hadn't.

I wonder if I'll get written up soon.

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