Sunday, July 4, 2010

About Face

That apartment we got?  We're canceling the whole deal.  (We haven't signed anything yet, so we can.)

Ultimately, our current landlord won't accept 30 days notice, despite the fact that we're beyond our one-year lease and are now month-to-month.  So now we're pissed at the whole company (which happens to own more than half of Hamilton in apartment buildings).  Since the apartment we were going to move into in August is owned by them, too, we've backed out.

Fortunately, we've already found a new option.  I like it a lot better.  This one has carpeting in the main hallways.  And it's on the mountain!  Believe me, I'm getting right sick of downtown.  Just tonight there was some punk playing solo street hockey in the middle of my intersection.  Anytime someone wanted to get by, they were sworn at.  It'll be funny tomorrow morning, I'm sure.

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