Saturday, October 3, 2009

Will This Never End?

So, after my dad's interview on Wednesday, he got a call for another interview for Friday. And then another for Tuesday. And again, for yesterday. Whoa. So far, he's gotten the typical "we've decided on another candidate" response from Wednesday's and Friday's jobs. We also went driving around today and dropped off resumes at several potential workplaces.

I, on the other hand, was called for an interview for this past Monday through a placement agency. I've already ranted about them. I'm no longer applying through them. The lady I spoke with who set up the interview said that she would be e-mailing me some forms to fill out right away, with the interview being on Monday. Well, she never sent the forms, and I never went to no interview! I figured that if they couldn't follow through with sending a simple e-mail, how could I possibly trust them to find me a job?!

I also got a call today for a Monday interview ... right when I'm supposed to be at work. Now, I don't see any sense in jeopardizing my current job for one that I probably won't get, so I asked if the interview could be held on Wednesday (which we all get off -- mini renovation at work). She said she'd call me back.

Yeah, right. They all say that.

I'm going to take this opportunity of a day off in the middle of the week and visit my old co-workers in Brampton. And maybe I'll talk to the HR manager, just in case they're looking for someone. I love Hamilton, but I need a job.

I finished my mom's poncho and her wristwarmers. I had a lot of trouble finding a good pattern for them because of the yarn I was using (Bernat Boucle). Most other patterns were for worsted weights and I had chunky.

I'm halfway through one of the sweaters I'm knitting for me and my sister. I've run out of yarn for the green-blue one, so I'm working on the brown one until I run out of yarn for it. I like the yarn, even though it takes a while to get used to.

I wore my snowboarder's hat to work last week because the freezer is really cold. Now I have four orders for them from co-workers and one for wristwarmers. Add to that the socks I have to finish for October 17 (for my grandpa), the two toe-up pairs I'm knitting casually, and the baby clothes. I think I might have startitis. Maybe.

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