Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Patience Is A Virtue

I did get all of Wednesday off. They didn't do much in the way of renovation; it actually looks worse than it did before! I keep telling them all they need to do is push out the back wall about four feet and bring the freezer indoors. Let's not go there.

On Wednesday I got another call for an interview for Thursday at 2pm. I decided to cancel the 8am interview because the job would've been in Mississauga and this new one would be in Hamilton. Problem? I couldn't call my manager and tell her, because the store was closed. So, I called her the next morning at 8am. She asked why I didn't call her yesterday (the store was closed). She asked why I didn't call her at home (I don't have her home number!). She told me that everyone should have her home number (well, that isn't going to help anyone now, is it?) and told me to come in at 11am. When I got there, she refused to speak to me. I left work at 1pm and came back at 4pm. Nothing's been said yet, so whatever.

I've started selling my knitted items on Facebook. Already I've gotten orders for the Breast Cancer Bag, the Cabled Wristwarmers, and a newborn hat. I've also started my winter knitting (I started and finished two hats yesterday). Oh, yeah, yesterday was Thanksgiving and I had to work but they kicked me out three hours into my shift.

Last Wednesday I went with my mom to the Needle Emporium in Ancaster. Yarn heaven. I finally got her to pick out some sock yarn so I could knit a personalized pair for her. She picked Mini Mochi, in a green colourway.

On the needles right now:

Black wristwarmers for two co-workers;

Mom's basic socks, toe-up;

Brown hooded sweater for either me or my sister;

Baby layette in pink;

Breast Cancer Bag;
and those two pairs of socks I started but which are not important right now.

Far out.

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