Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I should probably update more often than once a week.

I haven't yet heard back from the interview I had two weeks ago, but I'll give them until Thursday. The lady did say that she wouldn't finish interviewing for a couple of weeks.

I definitely have to get out of the food industry. My fingers are going numb from the hot-to-cold, freezer-to-oven environment. Not good for knitting (or playing oboe, my other hobby).

I finally finished all those wristwarmers and hats for my co-workers (I almost called them colleagues) but I neglected to photograph them. Good riddance. I also finished my first order (breast cancer bag, two cabled wristwarmers, one newborn hat).

Now I'm working on a small felted bag for my aunt, a pair of lacy wristwarmers for a friend who shares my birthday, a pumpkin, and a scarf for another friend. Not to mention the three pairs of socks, winter hats, and baby clothes that are being put on hold for now.

Maybe it's frostnip. Still, not good. I can't afford to lose any fingertips.

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