Monday, October 19, 2009

My Wrists Hurt

Nothing new on the job front. Whatever. I've got something in the meantime that'll keep me until something better comes along.

I finished the wristwarmers for my co-workers. They loved them and actually paid me for them. Bonus. Now I'm focusing on my next order: newborn hat, two cabled wristwarmers, and a breast cancer bag.

I've finished the knitting end of the bag, but now I have to felt it. This isn't the first time I've felted a project, but I always seem to underfelt. I don't use a machine (I live in an apartment and it costs two dollars a load). In the past I've used the kitchen sink filled with really hot water. Any suggestions on a better way to hand-felt a knitted project? I'd appreciate any feedback.

Short post, I guess. Still working on the brown sweater and the baby layette. I'm thinking of knitting a giant pumpkin out of some orange sport-weight yarn I have. Time to go felt that bag.

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