Thursday, September 24, 2009

Round and Round We Go

My dad had an interview yesterday. This one was in Cambridge and had something to do with aircraft assembly. They'll have their decision within two weeks.

Why don't most companies phone back? I mean, they'll phone if you're the lucky candidate who was picked, but isn't it just common curtesy to phone and tell you that you weren't picked? At least that way I'm not sitting at home, twiddling my thumbs and waiting for a call that will never happen. If I was a secretary, I'd always phone back.

But they don't want me ... yet.

Some guy outside is coughing up a lung. I keep wanting to go out there and ask him if he's succeeded yet.

I finished the Little Spider Scarf.

I think it turned out rather well.

I've started working on the other half of mom's poncho. I really like that yarn. It's Bernat Harmony, in green and white, and it's chunky. Nice stuff.

I went to another LYS (well, not local for Hamilton. It was Mary Maxim's in Paris). My dad picked out yarn for another sweater. I promised him that this one would fit him better. He picked something Marble, in DK weight. I also picked up some large dpn's, some Maxim baby yarn for my nana, and a ball of Sirdar that was on sale due to it being an "odd dye lot". It's orange, nothing too odd, I think!

I'll find out what my nana thinks of this baby yarn. She's hated Mary Maxim yarn for years.

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