Thursday, June 10, 2010

Will They Mind?

One thing that always irks me at my workplace is that there never seems to be anyone to replace me.  For example, tomorrow I am calling in sick (back pain) and will be doing so more than four hours before my shift (which means waking up at 6am to call them and have them hem and haw about me recuperating).  I know who I will suggest, but it shouldn't be this difficult to find someone to cover me in my time of need.

My back?  I must have done something to it in the freezer on Monday ... it twinged weirdly and has been crying to me ever since.  I can't really lift anything without it waking up, so I figure one day ought to do it.  My BF has been administering back massages, which helps, but the next day I just ruin whatever progress I've made.

I agreed to knit that hat my friend wants.  I'm almost done (ran out of yarn - I'm using Patons Grace) and I'm almost done my mom's tank top.  I started a pair of socks to use up some of my stash and I think this particular yarn colour can only be worn on one's feet.  Hidden away.

See?  So far, they're not playing nicely.

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