Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So ... no health inspector has stopped by yet.  I'm assuming I would find out, seeing as I threatened to phone the health board publicly.  But, so far, nothing.  Boo.  There goes my trust in the government.  Oh, wait, that's been gone for a while.

My "local coffee shop" has finally gotten its first complaint regarding food poisoning.  This should be interesting.

I finished a sweater that I've been working at off and on since last August.  I started working on it again because it was kind of chilly last week.  Figures.  Now it's freaking hot again.  (Not that I mind.  I tend to get colder than everyone else, so this hot, humid, sticky weather is welcome.  I don't like the sticky part though.)

I'm still working on the other sweater I started, the bulky plum-coloured one.  Sorry, no pictures in this post.

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