Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Selfish Knitter

I'm trying to be one, anyway.  When someone asks me how long it takes me to knit something, I get the feeling that they want it in a couple of hours.  I usually say four or five days, just to mess them up.

With my luck, my friend will still want me to knit it.  I may do it, for money.

I need to find a new job.  Mine may not be around much longer and, quite frankly, I'm sick of the stupid stuff.  It's just this particular store, which is unfortunate.

I've been working almost exclusively on my mom's tank top.  Surprising, I know, since I usually have about ten projects on the go at one time.  It's getting too big to carry around now, so I've started a pair of cuff-down socks for when I'm out.  I know, another surprise.  Especially since I swore I'd never do another pair of socks again.

I'd like to look at apostrophes now.  Yes, they are used for contractions, but they're also used for possessives.  In a way, they're almost like contractions themselves.

"The cat's food" is really a shorter way of saying "the food belonging to the cat".

I'm having this inner argument here instead of having one with my friend.  Am I wrong?

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