Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Canadian Summer

It's almost here!  Which means I'm knitting a sweater.  Despite the occasional week of humidity, half the time our summers are (for me) rather chilly.  Of course, since I live next to Lake Ontario, that's normal.  So I'm knitting another sweater.  But I had a problem.

I couldn't decide which pattern to use!  I liked bits and pieces from each one, but not an entire one.  I want to use bulky yarn to make a shapeless, warm, comfy sweater ... so I'm making it up as I go along.  So far, I think it'll work.

Dad's job is great.  He likes it and seems happy with it.  We're thinking of moving up the mountain because downtown is a little weird.  And I won't stay at my store when we do.  I'll find something close to wherever we will live.

I finished that hat my friend wanted.  I will never do a hat with yarn smaller than worsted weight ever again!

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