Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well, this job isn't too bad. I've done worse.

I have to be the least supervised employee there. I don't have to talk to any customers, and on the odd occasion that they do need me to help out front, I just make coffee or do sandwiches. I don't know the till very well. They usually shove me out of the way and tell me to go back to my baking (if you could call it that).

I'm also gonna tell you all (that is, no one) about my current knitting projects; I've already mentioned my habit, so why not, eh?

Knee-high socks. I've been working on these for three months. They are not actually knee-high; I ran out of patience. I've also run out of yarn again. I'll be on my third ball of Patons Kroy Sock yarn.

Cabled scarf. This one's for my mom. She buys yarn and then tells me what she wants. I'm about a third of the way there.

Poncho. Also for mom. I've got about 5 inches done.

Baby items. I received a lot of baby yarn when I started knitting last October, and I've just about worked it all up into various bootees and layettes.

Scarf. A friend of mine wants me to make her one, black, about 5 feet long. I haven't started it yet for two reasons: no money for yarn and no time right now.

I've got a ton of future projects, like a couple of sweaters and hats and mittens for this winter. Speaking of which, our hot weather is a distant memory now. The corn is high, the CNE is on, and it's getting dark earlier. Fall is here.

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