Friday, August 7, 2009

A New Record

Well, we both quit our jobs.

On Thursday I asked my dad when he was supposed to start (it was his third day). Apparently they never bothered to tell him when to come in. He called in and quit. Pretty good excuse, too. The job was crappy, to say the least.

I applied to another "local coffee shop" on Wednesday. Because of my previous experience, the manager was rather encouraging. She basically said she wanted to hire me, but she needed feedback from the other manager who would be in today (Friday). So, instead of waiting for her to call me, I decided to go to the restaurant and ask her. Now I'm in for an interview tomorrow morning and potentially a shift on Sunday.

I was apprehensive about calling the supermarket and telling them I wouldn't be in for my shift tomorrow, but it had to be done. I liked working there, but I wasn't getting enough hours. I told them I had bad news and would have to quit. No one asked for more information (yet), but the Human Resources manager left a message on my cell saying that he wanted to have an exit interview with me. I guess they want to make sure they didn't do anything to make me leave.

So, I'm about to start another temporary (for me) job. I will continue to look for the Job (don't ask me what it is, I don't know) but at least now I'll be making enough to pay my bills.

I saw something funny and true yesterday: "Retired takes all the meaning out of weekends." So does unemployment.

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