Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Takes a Little Time

Well, my dad got his job and started today. He called me at lunch; it's starting to sound like the exact job he quit almost a year ago.

I'm still waiting for feedback from the "local coffee shop" I applied to on Sunday. If I don't get a call from them soon, I'll have to apply to a different "local coffee shop". There have to be at least 50 stores in Hamilton alone, maybe more.

I don't work at the supermarket bakery until Saturday now. I'm trying to decide whether or not to talk to my manager there about why I want to leave. But then I think that maybe I should keep my hand close right now, just in case. I remember my last job and how I couldn't keep my mouth shut about how I was moving and all, and ... well, another post, maybe.

For now, I'll just wait.

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