Monday, November 30, 2009

I Am Not The Little Engine That Could

I didn't get the receptionist job. Contrary to what my interviewer told me, I did not get a call telling me I didn't get the job. I just sorta assumed thus after two weeks of no call. Why tell me that you'll call either way, then not?

Also, since I look for jobs online every single day, I tend to start judging them. For example, why is the job for a payroll clerk paid based on commission? How does that work? And why does an administrative assistant (which is what I have my certificate for) need a bachelor's degree? It's a college course, for pete's sake!

I finished the red and gold striped scarf for my friend. I should take a picture of that one ....

I'm about halfway done the hood for my sister's sweater. I finished her hat and now I just have to finish her second wristwarmer and start on her convertible mittens.

I'm trying to deplete my stash, but that isn't working very well because I keep going to yarn stores and seeing things I like.

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