Friday, June 12, 2015

What Day Is It??

I'm having trouble keeping track of which day it is.  I think it's Friday today, but yesterday I was convinced that it was Wednesday.  Please, employment fairies, find me some work!

Gonna post pictures of all my WIPs.  If I can find them!

February Lady Sweater - Cropped

2aat Toe-up Socks

Toe-up Socks

Lanthir Lamath

Newborn Vertebrae

Hooded Baby Skyrim Sweater

Rosemary Cardigan

Quivira Coat

Wispy Cardi

Old Flames Scarf


Snowflake Blanket

Uh, yeah, that first one is new.  I need something to wear over a dress next weekend (I think it's next weekend) and nothing really looked like what I envisioned except the February Lady Sweater.  But it's too long, so I'm cropping mine and doing it in stockinette stitch.

Oh, there are two WIPs that aren't pictured (Orchid Thief Shawl and that other scarf I keep threatening to frog if I ever find it) because they're locked up in our storage unit.  Someone keeps locking the storage room door and I swear, if I ever catch them, I'm gonna ... probably just ask them nicely to stop locking it.  Lol!

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