Monday, June 8, 2015

Things That Suck About Being Unemployed

These are in no particular order.  They all suck evenly.

1.  You no longer have any excuses for the house being messy.
2.  Are we supposed to be job-hunting 7.5 hours a day?
3.  You have fewer reasons to say no to people who ask you to help them with stuff.
4.  You feel bad when you buy something that isn't completely necessary.
5.  You have more time for your hobbies, but feel like you're goofing off if you do them.
6.  Everyone seems to have a job suggestion for you, but it's never the right job or it pays minimum wage.

Day three and counting.  Maybe I should start my own business.  Oh, wait, that's another suggestion people make for me that won't work.

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