Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Set In My Ways

Of startitis, of course. I finished the Fair Isle Tam and promptly used it as a last-minute Secret Santa on Saturday (I also included some shortbread). However, I'm half-way through a second one because the socks I finished for mom don't fit her!
I'm not likely to knit socks for a while. I'm just not a sock knitter.

So mom'll get a tam and a pair of wristwarmers in a couple of months as replacements. Also, I finished a quick key-hole scarf in a day.

I'm still working on my cardigan, but it's slow going. I'm also trying to clean up some UFOs:

Pumpkin - I decided to stuff it with the remaining ball of orange yarn. I'm sick of it being around. Now I just have to crochet eyes and a nose and a mouth for it.

Newborn Baby Layette - I'm about half-way and bored already with it (again).

There's also my brown sweater that's hibernating and the striped scarf that I'm waiting on. Actually, I don't have a lot of unfinished work. Maybe I should cast on for a felted bag ....

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