Sunday, January 1, 2017

Should I Bother Doing This Again?

So, this post was from the beginning of last year, and I'm curious to see if I completed any of my 'random goals'.

I'm putting a couple other goals in a separate post, just some things I'd thought about doing for a few years but never got around to doing.

1.  Delete photos from computer:  I keep all my pics.  Even the blurry ones.  Why?  Dunno, really.  But every month I think I'll work on 20 folders (they're done by date) and get rid of the excess.
Nope!  Didn't finish.  But I did work on all of the folders in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

2.  Catalog tea:  We have a nice collection of tea.  Ok, too much tea.  Mostly loose-leaf, and some of it getting older.  So I want to go through it, get an idea of what we have, throw out anything too old, and clean that basket up a bit!  (Yeah, only a basket.)
Success!  Threw out way more tea than I wanted to, but given that almost all of it was way over a year old, needed to be done.

3.  Get rid of almost-finished/needs fixing bag:  I have a bag of knit projects that either need to be blocked, fixed, ends woven in, etc.  I no longer consider a project finished if it isn't blocked/ends woven in, but these are from before that.
Nope!  But I did go through it, does that count?

4.  Catalog inks:  Got a lot of those, too, and it would be nice to know what we have without looking through them all.
Haha, totally forgot about the inks.

5.  Clean up filing:  Shred the old income tax papers and other things that have been piling up.
Sort of?  Still need to shred stuff, but we did get a new filing cabinet and most of it's been filed away.

6.  Put away needles:  Uh, yeah, gotta get on that.  I have a plastic container where I put all my now-empty circulars, but they actually belong in a receipt folder (one of the plastic ones from Walmart).  I need to 'file' them away properly.
Success!  I have been putting them away all year.

7.  Obviously, pare down the WIPs.
Success!  I have fewer WIPs than I did  last year.

No timelines here.  I'm not that insane.  Let's see what I can do this year.

I think I'll definitely continue to sort through my photos.  I also want to actually tackle the 'needs finishing' bag and not just look through it.  Still no timelines or pressure; I'll have enough going on in a few months!

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