Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I Just Wanted To Clean Up My Closet

On February 15 (it was Family Day this year) I cleaned up my closet.

You know, the regular 'this doesn't fit' and 'I haven't worn this in months years' and 'I don't think these jeans are supposed to have holes there'.

So that's what we (my husband and I) were doing.  Innocently.  And then it happened.

Or, rather, I happened upon a pair of jeans I hadn't worn since Hallowe'en 2010.  I looked at them.  They stared back.  I said 'Hey, husband (well, I said his name, but whatever), look at these!'  I had converted them into flared jeans with some Beatles' Yellow Submarine fabric.  I thought, well, I'm never wearing these in public ever again, so may as well toss them!

Then I made my mistake.  I looked at the size.

My thought processes went insane.  I hadn't been a size 6 in six years!?  What happened?  I knew my weight had been steadily increasing since my employment at that local coffee shop, and marriage didn't help that.  But ... I'm a size 12/14 now and 190lbs (sometimes 193 on bad days).  What the heck happened?

Something broke and I said I wanted to fit into those jeans in February 2017.  So I swore off pop.

The next week, after swearing off pop (and being quite successful at it), I asked a co-worker for some tips.

Thus began continued my journey.  And I'm happy to say that now, almost four months later, I've lost 30lbs and my size 12 jeans are getting really loose.

But I'm not looking at sizes the next time I clean up my closet.

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