Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wow, What A Week

Hmm, Wednesday was my last post. I got food poisoning on Wednesday. I woke up feeling ill, and I couldn't figure out why. Then my mom called saying she wouldn't be there for the interview because she was sick. It clicked and we blame the cake from Monday night's birthday party.

No one else got sick, though. In fact, my stepdad is still eating it a week later with no side effects.

I managed just about 2 hours at work before I gave in and went home. I did the interview, but barely. I didn't eat all day and actually had to ask my dad to drive me and my car buddy to band (it's an hour away).

I got a call after the interview from another company asking me if I could do an interview Thursday at 10am. I accepted, but in retrospect it was a waste of my time. The original job post was data entry, but they told me during the interview that it was temporarily data entry and the actual job was sales. I don't do sales. Good thing they didn't call me back, because I was going to give them heck for misrepresenting themselves.

I think I've recovered. I can think of most foods without feeling sick and my appetite's back to normal. Took a while, though. I cleaned out the refrigerator.

I finished my mom's replacement wristwarmers and frogged my friend's scarf because I haven't seen her in months. She can buy one cheaper off the internet.

I started Corona and a Counterpoint Scarf. I haven't decided if I'll participate in the ravelympics yet. We shall see.

Wish us luck, there's a band competition tomorrow night!

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